Abloy Novel Decoder



Abloy Novel is a cylinder lock with unique mechanism. It is based on the use of rotating discs instead of the use of the traditional springs and pins.

This high security cylinder system is designed for use in distribution channel. It is well known by security professionals all over the world.

The cylinders of the lock are bump proof and virtually pick proof. The lock has ten discs and every disc has 6 types of depths.

This brand new tool for Abloy Novel is second generation and have much more to show.

With Abloy Novel all the professionals are capable to open the system in 10-15 minutes in a non-destructive way.

It’s recommended to have a special training for the use of the tool.

We also offer and step-by-step video instructions for free with the delivery if the tool.


The kit contains:

1pc tension tool

10pcs of decoding tools

1pc Scale

1pc Opening key

1pc pincette

6 boxes of codes and pauses


The steps of opening are easy:

First we take the Scale and put it on the lock.

We put the tension tool into the lock.

Now we have to choose the right decoding tool and inserted it into the lock trough the tension tool.

On the decoding tool we can see a scale with the number of discs. We choose to start from the first or from the last one and start with the decoding procedure.

To be more easy lately when we need to arrange the opening key we use table as you can see down on the picture.


Disc 1 Disc 2 Disc 3 Disc 4 Disc 5 Disc 6 Disc 7 Disc 8 Disc 9 Disc 10



When we are ready with all of the discs and depths we start to arrange the opening key.

To arrange it we need the pincette and boxes with the codes and pauses.


And here we go, we have an opening key for Abloy Novel!


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