ABUS VELA 1000 lock pick

ABUS VELA 1000 lock pick



Impression pick with foil for opening locks of ABUS VELA 1000 CYLINDERS.

It is recommended to use sheet or cut foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm or 0.06 mm.

Text in the video:

This is Abus Vela series 1000.

The lock is of good quality, there are mushroom pins. So sometimes, just shaking like this isn't enough. It will not push through the foil. Basically, in order to get around the false ones, you need to gently stagger up and down, but you need to do it very carefully otherwise the tool will break. Use 05 or 06 foil. We use 05 cut. It is roughly the same in width. So, first we lay down on the reverse side, give shape and shift to the working part.

Here, even strong jerks do not really help against mushroom-shaped pins. But swaying up and down is best. We do the tension in one direction, then in the other.

In this way, staggering top-down can open any locks, but I recommend using it only when it is really necessary. Otherwise, the tool may crack or burst.

Regarding Vela cylinder. This is our 1000 Vela series. But there is also Vela 1000 made for the market of another country and it may differ in profile, milling may differ. And accordingly, the instrument that enters this Vela may not enter the Vela of another production. Keep this in mind.

The price of the tool is on our website.


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