Lockpick ABUS - X12R/M12R/P12R/EC-880

ABUS - X12R/M12R/P12R/EC-880 Lockpick



Impression tin foil pick for Abus cylinder lock, fits Abus X12R, M12R, P12R, EC-880.

It is recommended to use sheet foil with a thickness of 0.06 mm.

Text in the video:

Hello. These are the Abus X12-R cylinder and the European profile EC-880.

Almost the same keys, the tool is suitable for both models. We use foil 06.

You can open it in different ways. You can move up and down like this. But this must be done very carefully. Can be done in bursts.

The foil can be shaped on the back of the tool, but this is not necessary, you can immediately lay it on the working part.

Let's try to move up and down.

Now we try to open X12-R.

These locks can wedged, half a turn, so it's best to have some kind of lever with you. Of course, you can just take pliers, but it’s better, of course, to have such a special handle so that you can rip it off.

Well, it will take less effort.

This is how we put it. You can tighten up here.

I`ll try to put a new foil...

That's how it can wedge, so it takes a little tug to turn. And with such a handle, it turns out faster and easier.

The price of the tool is on our website.


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