APECS QM lockpick



Self-impression-master key for Apecks cylinder door lock (APECS QM).

It is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm.



Text in 1st the video.

These are two Apex locks. They are very similar, but they are different. You have to use different lockpicks to open them. On the left IT is a single-row RT lock, and on the right, it is QM -two-row lock. By keyhole, it is very difficult to distinguish which one is infront of you. This tooth is sharper here in RT lock, and in QM it is a little fatter. Well, camera can badly convey this difference. For RT, there is one lockpick, for QM another. With such head it is the key for RT lock and with such it is QM. Now we will show the lockpick for QM. And once again I remind you that when working with QM you can press normally, but when working with RT you can press it very gently otherwise it could not be opened. Use cut foil 0.05 mm.


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