APECS RT lockpick
APECS RT lockpick
APECS RT lockpick

APECS RT lockpick



Lock pick self-impression key for emergency opening of APECS PREMIER RT cylinder (Chinese lock).

It is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm.

It is also recommended to do manipulations with light pressure.


Text in the video.

Hi.  I have two Apecs locks in my hands.  Apecs RT and Apex QM. Keyholes are almost identical.  The only difference is the angular tooth, for Apex QM it is thicker, while for RT it is thinner.  In appearance, the locks are very similar, RT is a single-row lock, QM is a two-row lock.  Now we will show the tool for RT lock.  The RT tool is not suitable for Apecs QM lock.

We use foil 05, cut foil.  There is a peculiarity about the opening of this lock.  Almost always when I start to press well - the lock does not open!  And vice versa, if you press so lightly, then the lock almost always opens!

That is, you do not need to press on the tool here. 

Such is the peculiarity of the lock. 

You can do this quickly, but do not press hard.  


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