apertura lockpicking  Atra Dierre NEOS

Atra Dierre NEOS lock pick



Tool for opening locks of the Italian company Atra Dierre NEOS.

It is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm. 


Text in the video:

This is Atra, Neos model. This is what the keys look like.

We will use foil 05. This can first be placed on the back of the tool to shape it. But you can immediately put on the working part. There are side grooves here, they correspond to the main ones, so we lay down the foil so that these ribs / partitions ... coincide with these.

.... Here, the side notches, they coincide with the main ones. So, put, a little smooth around the edges. Here, it's starting to tear a little. Let's smooth it out a little more.

This lock opens normally, but the process takes a little time, maybe about a minute. We press with normal force. I press well enough.

By the way, you can use this special handle, it is not included in this kit, you can buy it separately. With this handle, it is much faster and easier to open the lock, the hand does not get tired at all!

Now we take the second Atra cylinder. We lay down the foil, try to match the partitions of the tool with the marks on the foil. Ideally not required, but more or less should match. So okay. Now we fix it. You can correct with a ruler, you can use your fingers. The top part, too, so that it does not interfere.

Insert. Here. The handle works well and comfortably, only it is important to calculate the force so as not to press too hard.

The kit comes with a standard handle. The black handle is sold separately if anyone needs it.

The price of the tool will be on the website, phone and links are in this video.


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