Autodecoder BMW HU92
Autodecoder BMW HU92
Autodecoder BMW HU92

Autodecoder BMW HU92


Auto decoder HU92 supports all E series up to 2014

E60 / E61 / E 63 / E64 / E65 / E70 / E71 / E87 / E90 / E91 / E92 / E93

It also works with HU83 for some Citroen, Lancia, Peugeot models.

In addition, the tool is suitable for Scania, Land Rover, MINI Cooper and Rolls-Royce

This tool is often referred to as a "masterpiece of precision mechanics" and what it does will enable professionals to discover, in a non-destructive way, door and ignition locks for BMW vehicles (HU92) in just a few seconds. In addition, after opening, the combination of the lock can be read to make (cut) a key.

If the car does not have a start button, then after opening the door, you can turn (turn on) the ignition switch with the same tool.

Attention! If you have not been trained and have no experience, please be aware that the manufacturer's warranty does not apply.

Each product is hand tested on multiple locks to ensure the good quality and condition of your purchase.


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