Combing type lock picks (10 pcs)
Combing type lock picks (10 pcs)

Combing Ebglish type 10 lock picks


Ten double-sided combing lock picks for an English key profile lock


Text in the video:

Hello. This is an overview of so-called English locks and such combing type lockpicks for them. This is for those who are not very good at opening locks, who has not yet mastered their skills in working with English-type locks. This tool is optimal for such people. These are comb-type lockpicks, they just need , so to speak, to be combed. There are also such combing lockpicks in the kit, but I haven’t really appreciated them yet.

For example, if we take this comb, this one and this one. If one lockpick does not open, then second one can open instantly or third. That is, it makes sense to change them one by one, to try. In this set there are only combs, for some reason the supplier made this set without tensioners. Well, tensioners can be taken from other sets.

So the sence is this, we insert the tensioner. Next, we take a comb, then we do a light tension, very light, in any direction you need, and just start combing. Does not open. Let's take the other side now. Each comb here has two sides and they are usually different. It also doesn't open. We take another. Here is.

The principle of operation is very simple. Many locks can be opened this way. The price will be on the website, link and phone number under the video.


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