DELTA WB4/GD6/GB5 lockpick

Wytrychy DELTA GD6/WB4/GB5 Lockpick



Two impression lock picks for emergency opening of Delta door locks.

DELTA models GD6/WB4/GB5

For two rows, it is recommended to use sheet foil with a thickness of 0.05 or 0.06 mm (you can choose from).

For single row cylinders, it is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.06 mm or sheet 0.07 mm (you can choose).


Text in the video:

A series of locks Delta, Polish locks. I recently made a video with series of Gerda cylinders, also Polish locks. And today I show Delta. There are one double-row and two single-row. This is what the keys look like. The profiles are similar, but the keys are different. One tool is suitable for two types of single-row cylinders, and another tool is suitable for double-row cylinder. That is, there are two impression tools for these three positions.

According models, I wrote in above this video what these specific models are called.

We open the double-row with foil either 05 or 06, sheet foil. We open single-row with foil either 06 sliced or 07 sheet.

The foil can be changed if you cannot open by this one. It is also important that the foil is not crumpled, it must be smoothed out well.

The price of the tool will be on the website. The link is in this video. Bye.


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