Dog Repeller
Dog Repeller
Dog Repeller

Dog Repeller Device


Dog repeller for fighting off attacking dogs and other animals. The principle of repelling dogs with ultrasound is to accurately focus high-frequency pulses towards the animal, preferably in the head area. the device operates at a maximum distance of 1 to 18 meters and produces sound at intervals of up to 8 seconds.

Equipped with 14 ultrasonic transducers, which guarantees the result under any conditions of use;

effectively acts not only on dogs, but also on wolves, foxes and other wild animals;

powered by a built-in battery (charger is included in the package);

has a flashlight function.

Order of use

There is a 3-position switch on the handle of the device. To start scaring away, it is enough to move it to the front position - one click forward. After that, the repeller will begin to emit ultrasonic waves, which will be evidenced by the flickering of the LED on the left side surface.

To switch to flashlight mode, you must move the switch to the lowest position. In the central (middle) position of the toggle switch, the product is off.

It should be noted that due to the high power for normal operation and protection against battery discharge due to accidentally moving the switch to "scare away" mode, the J-1701 emits ultrasonic waves for about 8 seconds after turning on the scarer function, and then goes into standby mode. In this case, the blinking of the LED on the side surface will change to a constant glow in red. To re-enable the “scare off” mode, turn off the device and move the toggle switch back. In any case, the animal escapes from the first seconds of ULTRA operation, so this feature is needed to prevent the battery from discharging when the switch is accidentally pressed.

The scarer is charged with the included mains adapter through the socket located on the rear panel, the time for a full charge is 5-6 hours.

Text in the video. 

This is an overview of the animal repeller. For dogs, wolves. It Works like ultrasonic sound. There are three positions, modes: a flashlight, a power button in the middle and an ultrasound. When ultrasound is working, this indicator flashes. It works for about 8 seconds. Then you need to turn it off again and after a few seconds you need to turn it on again. This is how the device works, with intervals.


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