Lockpick for Apecs (double row)



Self-impressioning master key for cylinders Apecs (double row).

Durable and reliable tool for opening locks.

It is recommended to use 0.06 mm sheet foil.


Text in the first video:

Hello. This is two-row Apecs lock, 7 pins. Top 7 and bottom 7. Exactly the same Apecs happens for 6 pins, but the key to both of them is identical, so the tool works for both 7 and 6 pin locks. We use 06 foil. 05 is also possible, but 06 is better. Strip about 3 mm wide. 

This is the first hole on the tool, it is in order to thread the foil here. But this is optional! If it's uncomfortable, you can just lay down on top! 

When we lay down the foil and smooth it, it is very important not to push the height. If in some place you pushed it harder, for example, by a fingernail or this ruler, then the lock will most likely not open! Therefore, this height should be even!

If everything is done correctly, then these locks open instantly! 10 seconds! The price of the tool will be on the website, a link and a phone number under the video.


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