Ganzúas Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)
Ganzúas Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)
Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)
Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)
Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)
Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)

Ganzúas Lince lockpick (Spanish lock)





Text in the 1st video.

We have Spanish door locks today - Lince. They are like these.

Well, but they have the same profile. 

Impression lock picking key. The foil we use with a thickness of 07 (foil #7). 

Here is a system that we call a traffic light, which means that one key can block the other, and so on. Which one is suitable here is not clear already.

Double-row. Lay the foil on top and bottom, wrap it.

We take the next one. If the foil is wrinkled, then first it is better to shape it on the back side and then transfer it to the working side.

Price for the too is on the website.


Text in the 2nd video:

It is Lince cylinder and a tool for opening it. Foil in sheets.07. Strip width is approximately 3 mm.

First, it is better to put it on the edge, the edge is not a working part of the tool. And give shape to foil. On one side, it's just straight. And then we shift it to the working part.

Insert carefully so as not to tear the foil.

The price will be on the site, phone number and link are under the video.



Text in the 3rd video:

Hello. Lince locks. Double row locks. Here are all of them. Happens also single row locks. Our tool is suitable for both double-row and single-row.

We use foil in sheets, 07 mm thickness. Cut out a strip about 3-4 mm width. Lay on the top side, smooth on the bottom side. By the way, the height may be slightly wrinkle this way. Therefore, to make everything more precise and have a better chance of opening, you can first put the foil on this edge, give the foil a shape, smooth it well so that the foil holds its height, and then transfer it to the working part. 

Insert into the lock. All the way untill stop. 

Foil is better to use 07, but you can experiment. If you want to open faster, you can try the softer foil - 06, but it can wrinkle very quickly. Therefore, we consider foil 07 to be the best option. 

Phone and link to our website will be under the video. Bye!


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