wytrychy GERDA Pro WK M4 lockpick

Wytrychy GERDA Pro/WK M4 Lockpick



Impression master key for the GERDA Pro System Cylinder and WK M4.

It is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.05 mm.


Jak otworzyć zamek bez użycia klucza Gerda Pro - wytrychy?

Jak złamać zamek drzwi Gerda PRO? Jak otworzyć zamek drzwi Gerda Evo bez uszkodzeń? Jak otworzyć zamek Gerda PRO za pomocą klucza głównego? Awaryjne otwieranie zamka drzwi


Text in the video:

This is our Gerda Pro. These are the keys. The tool works with foil 05.

We put the foil on one side. The top pins have holes, but they are not used.

Little long, so you can certainly try the foil softer. But still, I think foil 05 is the best option.

The price of the tool will be on the website. You can find the link and phone number below this video.


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