wytrychy GERDA WK M3 lockpick
wytrychy GERDA WK M3 lockpick
GERDA WK M3 lockpick

Wytrychy GERDA WK M3 lockpick



Master key for Gerda cylinder (wytrychy GERDA WK M3 - Polish lock).

It is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness 0.05 mm (rarely 0.06 mm).


Jak otworzyć zamek bez użycia klucza GERDA WK M3? Jak złamać zamek drzwi WK M3? Jak otworzyć zamek drzwi Gerda WK M3 bez uszkodzeń? Jak otworzyć zamek Gerda WK M3 za pomocą klucza głównego? Awaryjne otwieranie zamka drzwi

Text in the video:

This is Gerda WK M3 cylinder. Foil is needed 05 or 06 thickness. More often 05. 

By the way, there is such a characteristic point on this cylinder. Now it’s bad with sharpness ... but I think you`ve understood.

You need to press well, with sharp movements and quite strongly.

Foil 06 will hold the shape better but will take longer to open.

The price will be on the site, phone number and link are under the video.


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