Grimaldelli Mottura ProJect lockpick
Grimaldelli Mottura ProJect lockpick
Mottura ProJect lockpick

Mottura ProJect Lockpick Grimaldelli



Self-impressioning tool for lockpicking MOTTURA Project lock.

it is recommended to use cut foil with a thickness of 0.06 or 0.05 mm, or foil in sheets 0.07 mm.

Mottura PROJECT Grimaldelli


Text in the video.

This is Mottura Project.  Cylinder.  6 pins.  Impressioning key.  It is possible to use the foil 05 or 06. It is difficult to single out any one.  We lay it on top.  It is very important to flatten well so that the foil is not dislodged or ripped when inserting the tool.  It is also important not to jam the height so that the height of the foil remains.  When we insert it inside, it is advisable to look from below to check immediately so that the foil does not jam.  We press normally, hard enough.  Well, in this way it can be opened.  The price will be on the site


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