Omec  Tin Foil Lockpick
Omec  Tin Foil Lockpick
Omec  Tin Foil Lockpick

Omec Lockpick



Emergency opening tin foil locksmith tool for Italian cylinders Omec.

It is recommended to use ready-made cut foil 0.06 mm or foil in sheets 0.08 mm. Swing up and down while working.


Text in the video:

Hello. Omec cylinders, Italy. Foil either 06 or 08, sheet. 06 already has a shape, so carefully lay down and insert carefully. With these locks we work only up and down. We make a tension to the right or to the left and swing in this way. They don't open easily. Let's try a second time. Just lay down the foil, wrap the spout. They can quickly get hooked. In general, the foil is either 06 or 08. If it is 08, then a blank will be included in the kit. It is needed in order to make a form. We lay on the edge and smooth down, give shape. By ruler or fingers. And after that we lay down on the tool and work. And we only swing up and down, because the locks are not easy. Foil 08 or 06, your choice, I don't even know which would be better. The price of the tool will be on the site, the link is under this video.



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