Pump lock kit



This automatic self-impression tool is used for opening the front pump locks.

The opening procedure last for 3 to 5 minutes. One of the main features is that the lock can be decoded.

Important! Training process is necessary to learn the opening procedure.

If you haven’t been trained and you have no experience, please keep in mind that the warranty of the manufacturer will not apply.


The kit opens the following:

Mottura 1 Generation

Mottura 2 Generation

Potent- for all known lock dimensions

CR- for all known lock dimensions

ISEO- for all known lock dimensions


The Pump lock kit includes:

- Potent opener

- CR opener

- ISEO opener

- Mottura 1 opener + decoder

- Mottura 2 opener + decoder


Tools necessary for the opening setup and process:

- Universal handle for all decoder heads

- Spare pins in large quantity

- Demo CD

- Transporting case


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