Maymuncuk - Lock pick for Kale 6 pins - Lockpicking tools
Maymuncuk - Lock pick for Kale 6 pins - Lockpicking tools

Lockpick for KALE 6 PINS lock



(Impression foil) for KALE 6 pins is made of high-quality steel.

Includes sliced foil. Recommended foil is foil with thickness 0.6 mm.

Foil trowel, handle and hex wrench.

KALE kilidi nasıl açılır - KALE Maymuncuklar - KALE çilingir - Lockpick

Text in the video

This is a single row Kale lock, 6 pins. Such a key. Such a turning knob in the back. These are very old models. After them, with the same profile, there is already such a turning knob.

These 2 locks have been bought today, completely new, in such boxes. The lockpicking tool for them is the same. By the way, there is a slight difference in size between the old and new locks. In old ones it can easily slip, and in new ones it can fit tightly. But it fits both the old and the new.

We mainly use 06 cut foil. In some cases, you can use 07, only in some. Here are 5 locks, here is another one in a vice. Of these five locks, 4 were opened. Rather, this one that did not open, it opened on the fifth attempt once using sheet foil 07, but the next attempts to open it again failed. Therefore, if the lock did not open, it makes sense to try to open it again and again, it may work.

It happens that the lock enters anti-peaking, a large backlash appears, this is how it is, and when such a backlash appears it means that the lock will no longer open, there is no longer any point in pressing it. In some cases, when the lock does not open when pressed lightly, it makes sense to do it sharply and hard, and then there is a possibility that it will open.

Regarding all other locks, all of them open using 06 foil, successfully and quickly.

I'll take two new ones.

Sometimes it spins for a long time, sometimes it wedges.

Pay attention, when we lay down the foil, do not press the height of the foil with our fingers. They put the foil down, rubbed your fingernail over it lightly and that's it. Make sure that this does not happen.

We take the next one. That is, sometimes it happens very quickly, sometimes slowly. But 90% of the locks in this series are opened with this pick and foil 06.

I press hard enough. Now there is anti-picking. Here I entered the lock, a backlash appeared and this means that it will no longer open.

On the other side there is a profile, you can also put it on this side, shape it and then transfer it to the working side. I try to press a little weaker. 5 seconds. Now it wedges a little.

Well, this can be said already opening, two turns.

So just like that, with these locks, one can get caught that will not open.

And you can also try foil with a different thickness.



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