TESA T10 (Securitesa) lockpick

TESA T10 (Securitesa) lockpick



Self-impressive tin foil master key for opening locks TESA T-10 (Securitesa) (Spain).

It is recommended to use sheet foil from 0.05 or 0.08mm.



Text in the video:

Hello. This is Tesa T10 series. T10 SecuriTesa and regular T10. In this cylinder, the pins are a little deeper. Not like in this one. And they are visually different. SecuriTesa has such a guide on the left. And there is a difference in foil. T10 is opened with 08 foil. If soft 05 is used, it can jam. And SecuriTesa, at least this one, opens with foil 05, and foil 08 will take a very long time to open. Well, it’s better to start working with a thickness of 08. The tool for these locks is the same. First, we lay the strip on the edge and give it a shape, with such a ruler. And after that we shift to the working part. In order to open faster, it is better to swing up and down, make a tension to the right and left and swing up and down. Be sure to start with foil 08. Because if you put foil 05, then when turning in this position, the tool may jam and it will be difficult to remove it, and the lock may remain inoperative. Therefore, we start from 08, and if it does not open, then you can use thinner foil.

The price of the tool will be on the site, the link is under this video.


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