Professional Turbo decoder HU101 W9 / NEW locksmith tool

Turbo decoder HU101 W9-NEW



Turbo Decoder HU101 9 cuts is Professional locksmith tool for unlocking and decoding automotive locks fitted to Ford. These locks have a HU101 key profile / SILCA /and contain 9 code wafers. With our instrument, the unlocking itself becomes easy and fast. Because of the decoding option the operator is able to create / cut /  a duplicate key without having to disassemble the lock. Turbo Decoder HU101 W 9 is suitable for unlocking both the door and the steering lock.


 This decoder is an automatic self impression device which unlocks doors and ignition locks in a few seconds! It is Easy to learn and easy to use! And that’s why it is the perfect tool when your clients have lost their keys or the keys have been locked inside the car.


Supported vehicles

Ford Mondeo 2015 – 2020


Our Turbo Decoder HU101W9 is designed to open fast all new HU101 locks  with 9 cuts / wafers











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