Turbo decoder Professional HU64 Mercedes lock pick tool

Turbodecoder HU64 Mercedes lock pick



Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes professional lock pick decoder for easy opening and decoding all MERCEDES BENZ door, trunk and ignition locks.


Mercedes Benz A class

Mercedes Benz C class – from 1999 onward

Cl -1995 up to 1999 year

CLK – from 2002 onward

Mercedes Benz E class – from 1997 onward

M class

G class

S class – from 1999 onward

Commercial vehicles – SPRINTER  2007 up to 2011

Turbo decoder HU64 is tool to unlock Mercedes Benz locks. Lock profile HU64.


For many years it was hard to open and service the 2 track HU64 locks with the conventional locksmith tools and so a lot of locksmiths refused to service them. With our Turbo decoder HU64 Mercedes we have made a breakthrough in this situation and NOW the opening of Mercedes door or trunk locks is fast and easy. Decoding the pin depths is also a plus, so reproducing a working mechanical key becomes an easy task!


Before using our decoder clean the lock with WD40 spray in order to remove any dust or dirt and to ensure smooth opening (unlocking).


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