Отмычка UCEM 2000 lock pick
Отмычка UCEM 2000 lock pick
Отмычка UCEM 2000 lock pick

UCEM 2000 lockpick



Tool for locksmith emergency locks opening - UCEM 2000 (Spanish lock).

It is recommended to use sheet foil 0.04 mm or cut 0.05 mm.


Text in the 1st video:

Hello. Ucem. Spain. 6 pins. Open with foil 04. You can use 05, but it will take a long time.

An important point, the profile of the tool is thin, so you do not need to apply force. It opens up just fine, with normal light load.

The price of the tool will be on the website. The phone number and link is in this video.


Text in the 2nd video:

Hello. Spanish Ucem. This is what the keys look like. The main sheet foil is thin 04. You can open it with foil 05, but with it it takes a lot of time. We cut a strip, the foil here is thin, easily torn, so be careful. And we give shape. The most important thing here is to make the shape evenly so that it holds its height, and carefully insert it so that it does not wrinkle. With foil 05, of course, there will be a stable and easy opening, but it takes a long time.

And very importantly, the profile of the tool is thin. Force cannot be used. Only light pressure. We shift to the working part. We smooth the nose a little so that it does not wrinkle. The foil is very thin, so the slightest snag and it starts to tear. In general, 04 foil opens very well and very quickly, provided that you iron it evenly. Now let's try to open the second one. We cut a strip. We lay on the edge, give shape. And carefully shift to the working part, check the spout.

I remind you that the profile is thin, you do not need to apply force. A gentle, light push and it will open. If suddenly you can’t open it with foil 04, then take 05. It just takes 3 times longer in time, but everything will open perfectly.


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