Delta GD6/Amig/Apecs double-row cylinders

Delta GD6/Amig/Apecs double-row cylinders




Text in the video: Hello. I have 3 locks in my hands, these are Apecs, Delta (Poland, if I remember correctly) and Amig (Spanish lock). They have the same profile, there is only a difference in the number of pins. Amig has 6 pins, although Apecs also comes with 6 and 7 pins. But the profile is the same and one tool fits these three locks. Apecs, Amig and Delta are all two-row. The main foil is 05. First we put the foil on the non-working part, we must make a form. Locks are simple and easy to open. Now we shift to the working part. Try to insert so that the foil does not tear. I take the next, standard Apecs. The same thing, first we lay it on the edge, give it a shape, you can use a ruler and transfer it to the working part. The foil is torn. For this reason, you need to insert it carefully so that it does not tear when you insert it. In rare cases, you can use 06. But this is in rare cases when you can't open it. We take the next one. This is a Spanish Amig. Everything is the same, we make a form, we shift it to the working part. The tool does not reach the stop as you can see, this is because there is a shorter key. But this does not interfere with the work process. Amig, Apecs, Delta. The price of the tool will be on the site, the link is under this video.


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