Car GPS jammer (to cigarette lighter)



Jammer GPS (inserted into the cigarette lighter) 12-24V, for trucks and cars.

Blocks GPS tracking behind your vehicle and helps protect the privacy of your location information.

Does not affect the use of mobile phones or other electronic devices.


The basic principle of the device:

After switching on, the car is displayed as being at the same point where the muffler was connected.

That is, during the operation of this jammer, the tracker does not transmit any data.

Satellites and signal strength can be checked. The jammer can be monitored after installing GPS Test on the phone.


Operating frequency 1500-1600 MHz

Transmission frequency

Available device types are satellite navigation, location tracking, etc.

Maximum radiation power - at a distance of 1 meter

Effective coverage (radius) - 2-5 m

Operating temperature -30 ~ 60 ° C

Relative humidity 5 to 95%

Storage temperature from -50 to + 60 ° С

Weight - about 50 g

Size - 75 x 20 x 20 mm


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